The HoneyPot Pool

An attractive and trustful pool for Cardano

“It's time to come together”

I will be completely transparent with you. I'm not trying to enrich myself on your delegations. My goal is to be able to offer an attractive and trustworthy service to my community of delegators. My wish is to only cover the costs generated by this pool, namely: the domain of this website and the rental of the dedicated server. This amounts to around 440 € / year.

That's why I decided to apply very low variable fees (1%), and lower the fixed fees to the minimum (340 ADA).

In addition, you can also be reassured about the longevity of this pool over the long term. I have invested my own ADA in it and I do not intend to withdraw them soon, on the contrary. My goal is to invest more and to have several pools shortly around the world.

It's an exciting adventure that I am starting here and I will be honored to be able to count you among my delegators. Let's fill this honeypot together ! ! !

Finally, I will end with a little word about myself. I am a senior Fullstack IT Engineer with good experience in sysadmin. My wish is to engage more and more in the wonderful world of cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.

Pool details

Pool ID: 2e6d553325ba456c7334044709f1a173b920e35e5ebe403cab931c8d

Pledge: 10.7k

Live Stake: 11.6k

Delegators: 1

Blocks: 1

Up Since: August 2020

My engagements

Low cost

1% variable fee

340 ADA per epoch


SSH Key pair + 2FA auth

Up to date firewall

Pool private keys saved and safe


Dedicated server on

Up 24 / 7

Reliable and reactive support

You have any question ?

Feel free to contact me at if you would like to know more